Invitation to Tender: Global Education Consultant

The job has expired.

Job Reference: tbigc/TP/5126/109
Number of Positions: 1
Contract Type: Consultant
Contract Details: 20 Days
Salary: Competitive
Closing Date: 23/02/2020
Job Category: Global Comms
Business Area / Division: Resources - Operations
Business Unit: N/A
Location: Global

Focus of the Role

Generation Global enables young people across the world to embrace the future, equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become active, global and open-minded citizens. To date, the programme has supported over 500,000 young people and trained over 13,000 teachers from over 30 countries.

Interested Consultants are required to send a covering letter, proposal (no more than six pages, including budget) and related Consultant CVs by 9 February, with interviews w/c 17 February. Please send completed tenders to:

Proposed timeline and payment

It is expected that this Consultancy will require approximately 20 days, with the following tasks and approximate number of days.


Approximate Days

Familiarisation with key documents


Key meetings with the team


Desk research


Analysis of data


Draft reports


Finalise report (incorporating comments/ changes)


Presentation to the Education Steering Committee


Payments to be made in four equal tranches: an advance, and then split following satisfactory completion of outputs A.) B.) and C.).
Any variation of the scope of the Services or additional activities to those listed above must be agreed by TBI in writing.


Job Introduction

The programme works with young people, from 11 – 17 years of age, working in partnership with governments, school networks and not for profit organisations to support young people to be able to navigate globalisation and life’s opportunities and challenges in a peaceful way.
The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (‘the Institute’) aims to equip political leaders to build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in an interconnected global world working through two practices: Policy Futures and Government Advisory.

Key Responsibilities

The education consultant will be expected to undertake the following activities:

Deliverable one: Market analysis for Global Citizenship Education to determine the market for Generation Global products, typical approaches and likely gaps in product offering.

• Carry out baseline assessment of Generation Global’s position in the GCE Education market.
• Carry out a detailed market and stakeholder analysis of the global citizenship education space and map out the infrastructure and ways of working of competitor organisations.
• Map and analyse (a) the supply and demand of global citizenship education in global markets, and (b) governments which have prioritised global citizenship education and have the potential to benefit from Generation Global’s advisory offer.
• Compare and contrast different statements of need for Generation Global Education and recognised gaps in provision.
• Compare and contrast the different approaches to GCE provision in key markets e.g. Asia, Europe, Middle East, US.
• Compare and contrast the above different modes of delivery and costing models deployed by NGOs, Private and Public Sector, operating in this space.
• Analyse and evaluate the Generation Global’s offer and competitive advantage, cost effectiveness/ cost comparison with the data collected of alternative models.
• Identify key countries and governments with which to pilot revised offer and recommend routes to entry with these governments.


(A) Baseline assessment report: word doc (long form), PowerPoint (short form), presentation.
(B) Market analysis report: word doc (long form), PowerPoint (short form), presentation.

Deliverable two: Product evaluation and recommendations to identify the extent to which Generation Global products meet market needs, compared to other offers and make recommendations on product developments.

• Carry out baseline analysis of the Generation Global product suite including content, pedagogy, assessment, quality assurance and reporting.
• Collate and analyse curricula in use in primary and secondary schools in key Generation Global countries and assess the merits of different approaches.
• Review Generation Global’s advisory offer and resources, primarily to governments, and recommend quality assurance, grading, accreditation mechanisms that are globally recognised and valued.
• Recommend quality assurance, grading, accreditation mechanisms that are globally recognised and valued.
• Recommend areas for development in the Generation Global advisory offer in line with market needs.
• Recommend funding models and funding partnerships that can be secured to deliver Generation Global’s advisory offer.
• Analyse and evaluate the Generation Global’s offer and competitive advantage compared with the data collected of alternative models.
• Outline a suite of different commercial training packages for Generation Global to be able to develop as part of its tailored offer to private schools and other education providers, as well as its primary audience, governments.


(A) Baseline: technical specification for Generation Global product set: word doc (long form) and PowerPoint (short form).
(B) Product evaluation report: word doc (long form) and PowerPoint (short form).
(C) Product specifications for new Generation Global products.

The following documents will be provided, as a minimum:

• Generation strategy documents 2020 (evolution paper and annexes)
• Generation Global strategy 2019 – 2021
• Generation Global strategic review 2017, Theory of Change
• Generation Global curriculum resources e.g. Essentials of Dialogue, Difficult Dialogue
• Generation Global Evaluation report (2016)
• Stakeholder analysis carried out to date by the Generation Global team

The Consultant will work closely with the Head of Generation Global (main contact), Project Manager, Coexistence, Generation Global Head of Education and Training. Other members of the Global Challenges Unit, in particular the Generation Global team and members of the Education Steering Committee may also be consulted.

Person Specification

The Consultant will be expected to meet the following criteria:

a) Proven experience of developing and implementing a value proposition for an education programme, that has operated within an international context.
b) Experience in successfully designing commercially viable education products for NGOs, Education Institutes, Private Sector Education providers.
c) Experience of developing education programmes that achieve student and teacher learning outcomes, with quality assurance and accreditation as part of these offers.

About The Institute

The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change aims to equip political leaders and governments to build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in an interconnected world. We do this through developing policy and advising governments.